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Web Browsers: Currently only Internet Explorer 8 supports tb-lr (displaying vertically from left to right). Internet Explorer 6 & 7 support displaying vertically, but only tb-rl can be used. None of the other web browsers support displaying vertically.

You must install the Mongolic Support, i. e. Daicing Pack first before you use Daicing Online Keyboard. Otherwise Manchu/Sibe/Daur will not be displayed.

Mongolic languages will be displayed from right to left vertically in Internet Explorer. In other Internet browser, Mongolic languages will be displayed horizontally. You can use Ctrl+Q to switch keyboard mode in Firefox.

+ Click to Expand the Instructions

1. The Online keyboard layout is the same as Daicing Keyboards.

2. Fully support Möllendorff system for romanizing the Manchu language. Please use the capital letters S, U, Z to type letters such as š, ū, ž.

3. Daicing Keyboard uses the method in the first row. We suggest you use this method. The second row shows the additional methods (excluding ng). The red bold letters are used in Möllendorff system.

4. The keyboard will convert ng to the correct form intelligently.

5. The definitions of Dead Keys ` and | (instead of \) are the same as that in Daicing Keyboard. See here for details.

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