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Web Browsers: Currently only Internet Explorer 8 supports tb-lr (displaying vertically from left to right). Internet Explorer 6 & 7 support displaying vertically, but only tb-rl can be used. None of the other web browsers support displaying vertically.

The fonts Daicing Round, Daicing White, Daicing Xiaokai (designed by Yanb), Daicing Bible (designed by Childez), Daicing Harmony (designed by Childez) are okay now!

Daicing Pack includes the support, fonts and keyboards of Unicode Manchu, Sibe and Daur. See Help for the instructions of installation.

Daicing Round is clear in small size!

Please pay attention to the update of this page!

If you need any help, please contact us.

If you use Windows 2000/XP/2003 and you have never installed Daicing Pack before:

Daicing Pack the Full - 2008-09-27

If you use Windows Vista/2008, or you have installed an earlier version of Daicing Pack before:

Daicing Pack the Lite - 2008-09-27

* Windows Vista/2008 users must right click on Daicing Pack and choose Run as administrator. See details in Help.

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