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Web Browsers: Currently only Internet Explorer 8 supports tb-lr (displaying vertically from left to right). Internet Explorer 6 & 7 support displaying vertically, but only tb-rl can be used. None of the other web browsers support displaying vertically.

Daicing fonts have be released for use under an open source license agreement, giving advanced font capabilities to all free and open source software developers and users.

The Daicing fonts are available for free copying and redistribution. They can be modified as long as the font name is changed. The fonts cannot be packaged by themselves for sale, but can be sold with any software.

If you have any questions about the Daicing fonts, please contact Daicing.com.

The Daicing fonts are based on Unicode 5.1 standard and make use of OpenType technology to produce the correct shaping and joining behavior which supports Manchu, Sibe and Daur languages.


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